Cold Start now available via Tiny Showcase

I am excited to announce that Tiny Showcase is offering both framed and unframed prints Cold Start. Check out Tiny Showcase!

Cold Start, Oil and mixed media on canvas

The curator from Tiny Showcase penned such a stunning description of my work, I wanted to share it here: "Her paintings, although loose and impetuous-feeling, are held together by a scaffolding, sometimes more hidden than overt, but always there to guide the movement and the overall impression. Who can't relate to that? Seeking the sublime and transformative without losing the reigns, the ability to steer, the opportunity to return to control, the morning, the desk, the office, one foot in the spontaneous while keeping the train running on time and on its course?"

Thank you Tiny Showcase!

Buy the print here:

More information about this painting can be found on a previous blog post: New Painting