Kick Stand, Rider, and Open Water

I am excited to add three new paintings to my North End series! This series involves using vintage photographs I've inherited as the source material. This formula always proves to be a challenging one. As much as I want to focus on the composition and not create a likeness to figure in the photo, the challenge is always too tempting. I find myself painting and repainting the minute details of the facial features for each project in the series. I am however, very happy with the likenesses with each piece, as well as their composition! The three new works were made in succession of one another and subsequently have a connecting color palette, style, and tone. All three also have a subject matter where I feel the person's imagination at work. Whether riding a horse, a-float on a dingy, or about to fly through the neighborhood on a bicycle, there is a sense of freedom and open possibilities with each scenario. I am happy to introduce my three new pieces in this series: Kick Stand, Rider, and Open Water!

Rider Oil and mixed media on canvas

Kickstand Oil and mixed media on canvas

Open Water Oil and mixed media on canvas