S White in Ward 5

As a proud citizen of St. Paul's Ward 5, I'm thrilled to again have artwork at Council Member Amy Brendmoen's office.

McCarrons  Mixed media on map with gesso

McCarrons Mixed media on map with gesso

This time I'm exhibiting work from my S White series, including four new pieces painted on topographical maps of lakes within the ward made exclusively for this opportunity. 

The tale of Snow White and the imagery from the classic film is closely tied to my infatuation with depicting landscape. I love the idea of escaping to the forest. I can also relate to seeing the spookiness in wild spaces. The film's depiction of a nearby wilderness as a place of refuge is one that strikes a cord. I don't seek to re-tell the tale, as the story line of the prince saving the day has yet to make it into my work. Rather, it is the idyllic vignettes I recall when I find myself escaping to open spaces, wildlife reserves, and the parkland that have become my own refuge.

I'm so happy to see how well these dynamic pieces work in the office of my friend and City Hall Dynamo, Amy Brendmoen.


The S White series will be on view this Spring.

More information on my painting process for the new pieces can be viewed via Instagram: