Art before the baby wakes up is exactly as it sounds. My little baby gets up around 4:00am every morning. I nurse her, burp her, change her little diaper, snuggle for a second, and put her back to bed. Then, I convince myself how important art is, find a podcast, grab a cup of coffee and head to my painting studio. Some days are harder than others and some days I do end up going back to bed, but for the most part my routine has gotten me to paint longer for more often than I have in a long time (maybe even since college.)

With this new routine, I was able to finish four custom paper pieces for an exhibit at my City Council Member's office with only two weeks notice (my blog about that show can be seen here: S White for Ward 5)

I've also been working steadily for a show I am putting on with the amazing artist and long time friend, Alyssa Wendorff, at the Robbin Gallery. Please check out Alyssa's website: alyssawendorff.com. She is amazing! I've been documenting the work I've been doing during these morning sessions on Instagram with, you guessed, it a "artbeforethebabywakesup" hashtag! 

Please check it out: