Such a Fool I've Been

This painting just got boxed up and shipped out to Queens , NY because it SOLD!

Such a Fool I've Been  Oil and mixed media on canvas

Such a Fool I've Been Oil and mixed media on canvas

I'm always thrilled when someone loves a painting as much as I do, that they want to spend their hard earned money on it, but this sale made me especially happy! 

I painted this piece in that listless, but hopeful time right after college. I was living by myself for the first time and put my art studio in my kitchen. It was my plan to motivate myself to paint in my new post-college life. It kinda worked. Any unfinished painting just stared at me as I ate my lean cuisines.

My most productive time In college was spent painting landscapes that dealt with suburban sprawl, specifically the experience of the woods I grew up with becoming housing. I wanted something fresh and challenging to paint, so I turned to the plight of Snow White and the breathtaking landscapes she inhabited. There might be some deep reason that bought me to Disney iconography, but I think I really just wanted to do something that was more graphically-minded. I wanted bright colors and a sharp outline. Also, the movie is really beautiful!

This painting took me forever. The style was so different from anything I'd done. It was also big: 30 x 40. There was a day when I worked on this painting for 6 hours straight. I remember telling people "I haven't worked that long on a painting in one day, since college." Unfortunately, I probably haven't since (6 hours is a really long time.)

I always think of this painting when I'm trying something new and it doesn't work out right away. I need to keep going, repaint, and see where it leads me!